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Two Heads Are Better Than One

Watson and Crick, Lennon and McCartney, peanut butter and jelly! Do all great things come in pairs?

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Submitting a Manuscript Should Be Easier

Submitted a paper to a peer-reviewed journal lately? Found that it took you approximately 100 times longer than you thought it would? I’m putting on my crank pants for this week’s post! My experience with journal submissions typically goes something like this. I spend a year or so collecting all the data from that great […]

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The Making of a Mutualism

Can a mutualism form without a history of coevolution? A summary of a paper by Erik Hom and Andrew Murray.

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Does One Bad Paper Spoil the Bunch?

Does a small percentage of papers that a retracted for misconduct reduce public trust in science as a whole?

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Lau’s Rules for Requesting a Letter of Recommendation

Things you should think about when asking for a letter of recommendation

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The Irony of Impostor Syndrome: Everybody has it

I can look at objective data about my own performance and see that I’m doing just fine, but it doesn’t mean I really believe it. How long before this whole charade comes crashing down around me? Hello, my name is Casey, and I have Impostor Syndrome.

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