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A rant about IFLS

I Fucking Love Science (IFLS) has become one of the most popular feeds on social media, with over 24 million likes on Facebook. This has been great for science, as I suspect that most of the people that read their science news there are not professional scientists, but interested in the topic. If I could […]

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How to Write a Discussion

A few months ago, Shannon stopped by my office and asked a really simple question for which I did not have a simple answer. She asked, “How do you write a Discussion section?”. I think we’ve all asked ourselves that question, and usually answer it with the same answer we always give in science: “Well, it […]

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Science Communication with Alan Alda

Last week I had the chance to see Alan Alda speak at Caltech about communicating science. Why is Hawkeye talking about this subject at all? He was the host of Scientific American Frontiers on PBS for years and now is part of the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University. Although I’ve […]

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Using outreach as inspiration

              Several weeks ago, I, along with several other volunteers, assisted in Mrs. Shah’s 7th grade classroom at Portola Middle School.  If you remember back to Nickie’s blog post last month, we went to the same school to judge a science fair. As she mentioned, we realized the shocking […]

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