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The Versatile Ecologist

I spent most of the summer eagerly waiting for a piece of equipment (components of which we are still waiting on), and physically could not wait to start my thesis experiments. I probably wasn’t as prepared as I should have been when I was scuba diving with a friend for her project in the cold […]

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Can a coral reef die?

Last Austral summer, a record number of corals on the Great Barrier Reef died. Is the reef dead?

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We’re looking for new graduate students

Eco-Evo Lab at California State University, Northridge is seeking outstanding candidates for the M.S. program in Biology. Research in our lab focuses on the interface between ecological and evolutionary processes. As community ecologists, we are interested in how species interactions affect species and genetic diversity in communities. In particular, we are interested in how rapid […]

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Scientist: A blessing and a curse

Recently, I was hiking on a trail near Los Angeles, enjoying the weekend and my days off from grad school. It was great to hear the crunch of leaves under my feet, feel the sun on my skin, and breathe in the substantially cleaner air of Topanga State Park. As a busy grad student, such […]

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Don’t picture this!

I spent a lot of time at academic conferences this summer where people were presenting the results of their research. One of the most noticeable changes at conferences in the last few years has been the prevalence of camera phones. It’s become routine that when a data slide comes up, several cameras, phones, and iPads […]

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