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Casey started as an Assistant Professor at Cal State Northridge in the Fall of 2013. Before that, he completed a post-doc with Jen Lau at the Kellogg Biological Station (Michigan State University) and a Ph.D. at Florida State University with Tom Miller and Don Levitan. He is happy to be returning to the same institution where he received his Master’s degree (with Steve Dudgeon). At CSUN, he primarily teaches Biol 106 (Biological Principles I) and Biol 427L (Principles of Ecology). In his free time, Casey spends a lot of time trying to improve his mediocre sports skills, particularly volleyball, softball, and basketball.

A rant about IFLS

I Fucking Love Science (IFLS) has become one of the most popular feeds on social media, with over 24 million likes on Facebook. This has been great for science, as I suspect that most of the people that read their science news there are not professional scientists, but interested in the topic. If I could […]

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How to Write a Discussion

A few months ago, Shannon stopped by my office and asked a really simple question for which I did not have a simple answer. She asked, “How do you write a Discussion section?”. I think we’ve all asked ourselves that question, and usually answer it with the same answer we always give in science: “Well, it […]

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Science Communication with Alan Alda

Last week I had the chance to see Alan Alda speak at Caltech about communicating science. Why is Hawkeye talking about this subject at all? He was the host of Scientific American Frontiers on PBS for years and now is part of the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University. Although I’ve […]

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Wolves are back in California

Wolves are back in California. When is an endangered species no longer endangered?

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We’re hiring a Plant Evolutionary Biologist!

Department of Biology Assistant Professorship Tenure Track position California State University, Northridge, seeks a Plant Evolutionary Biologist to become a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Biology. Applicants’ research should address evolutionary questions in plant biology, with a preferable focus on molecular systematics. Applicants must have a Ph.D. and postdoctoral experience. Teaching will include Evolutionary Biology, Flowering […]

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How does selection work in communities?

Selection in communities is complex. Two new pubs from the lab highlight ways to deal with such complexity.

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terHorst et al. 2015

terHorst, C.P. et al. 2015 Quantifying nonadditive selection caused by indirect ecological effects. Ecology 96: 2360-2369.

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Lau, J.A. and C.P. terHorst 2015

Lau, J.A. and C.P. terHorst 2015. Causes and consequences of failed adaptation to biological invasions: the role of ecological constraints. Molecular Ecology 24: 1987-1998.

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Centennial ESA wrap-up: Our favorite talks

Six people from the lab were at ESA in Baltimore this year, presenting four talks and three posters! It was great to be there with such a big group. Even President Obama wished everybody well. We spent our time unsuccessfully trying to stereotype a Brony, eating crabcakes (the ones at Faidley’s were amazing), and perhaps […]

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Advice for new graduate students

We’re starting classes at CSUN this week, which means that we have a new group of graduate students starting their careers. Last year, I put together this modest list of advice for new grad students, which is cobbled together from the advice of others, as well as my own experience. Also keep in mind that […]

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