Lab Alumni

Jamie Canepa : Master's Student

Jamie Canepa

Master's Student

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Jamie graduated from Pomona College and joined the lab in 2015. He studied phenotypic differences in claw color among populations of shore crabs (Pachycrapsus crassipes) along both the western and eastern shores of the Pacific Ocean. He graduated with his M.S. in 2017 and moved on to pursue his MFA in Creative Writing at University of British Columbia.

Peter Zee : Post-doctoral Researcher

Peter Zee

Post-doctoral Researcher

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Peter's webpage

As a post-doc, Peter worked to understand the consequences of trait evolution in ecological communities, collaboratively with the terHorst lab and Sebastian Schreiber (UC Davis). He has broad interests across community ecology and evolutionary biology, with a particular interest in interactions at community, social, and genetic levels. Before arriving at CSUN, Peter was a postdoc with Tad Fukami at Stanford and a PhD student at Indiana University with Jim Bever and Greg Velicer. Peter is now an Assistant Professor at the University of Mississippi.

Melissa Kurman : Master's Student

Melissa Kurman

Master's Student

Melissa joined the lab in 2015, having graduated from Temple University, where she worked on genetic variation in deep sea corals in Erik Cordes' lab. She focused on genetic variation in the response of giant kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) to temperature. She graduate with her M.S. in 2017. For more information, visit her website:

Zoë Scott : Masters Student

Zoë Scott

Masters Student

Zoë graduated from the University of California Santa Barbara with a B.S. in Aquatic Biology. Her childhood love for the ocean grew into a desire to study how local adaptation in invasive species affects the ecology of the community, completing the feedback loop between the ecological and evolutionary forces acting on community structure. She completed her M.S. in 2017 and now works as a marine biologist for the City of San Diego.

Nickie Cammisa : Masters Student

Nickie Cammisa

Masters Student

Nickie graduated from Muhlenberg College, where she worked for three years in the environmental toxicology lab of Dr. Jason Kelsey. For her Masters project, Nickie examinined the role of phenotypic plasticity in shaping ecological and evolutionary processes at the community level. Nickie graduated with her M.S. in 2017 and is now pursuing her D.Env. in Environmental Science and Engineering at UCLA.


Shannon Bayliss : Masters Student

Shannon Bayliss

Masters Student

Shannon's Webpage

Shannon graduated from CSUN in 2016. Her thesis focused on the interplay between ecological and evolutionary processes. She examined how nutrient availability modifies the effects of species and genetic diversity on community performance in the symbiotic dinoflagellate, Symbiodinium. Shannon is a strong proponent of unconventional science communication and in the future hopes to extend the broader impacts of her research to a larger audience through photography and other creative mediums. She is now a graduate student in Joe Bailey's lab at University of Tennessee. As she graduated CSUN, Shannon received the Bianchi Award for Outstanding Graduate Student from the Biology Department.

Erica Holdridge : Former M.S. student

Erica Holdridge

Former M.S. student

For her master’s thesis, Erica utilized pitcher plant inquiline communities to understand how factors related to global change (nutrient input and temperature) affect both ecological and evolutionary dynamics. Moreover, she examined how evolution of protozoan traits affected the bacterial communities they consume. She is now a PhD student in David Vasseur's lab at Yale. As she graduated CSUN, Erica received the Bianchi Award for Outstanding Graduate Student from the Biology Department and the Mack Johnson Award for Outstanding Graduate Student from the College of Science and Math.

Alejandro Flores : Undergraduate Student

Alejandro Flores

Undergraduate Student

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Emma Collosi : Research Technician

Emma Collosi

Research Technician

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Emma graduated from the Biology Department at CSUN in 2016 and is now a graduate student in Jeanne Robertson's lab.

Cameron Winbush : Undergraduate Student

Cameron Winbush

Undergraduate Student

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Cameron worked as an undergraduate in the lab in 2014-2015.

Katie Wong : Undergraduate Student

Katie Wong

Undergraduate Student

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Katie was a Kinesiology major at CSUN and worked in the lab in 2015-2016. She graduated from CSUN in 2017.

Sam Fleischer : Undergraduate Student

Sam Fleischer

Undergraduate Student

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Sam was a math major at CSUN and graduated in 2015.  In collaboration with Dr. Jing Li (CSUN Math Dept.), Sam worked on a quantitative genetics model to examine ecological and evolutionary dynamics among competitors. He used this model to examine whether evolution stabilizes ecological dynamics in this system. Sam is currently a PhD student with Sebastian Schrieber at UC Davis.