The second annual gift-giving guide from Eco-Evo Lab

Last year, I committed the EcoEvoLab to writing a second holiday gift guide this year… meaning that I committed myself to writing one. The list this year is a bit lacking (I limited the time I spent surfing the internet this year, so consider these suggestions as additions to last year’s list).


Play a game about evolution, or teach evolution with this kickstarter success game called Go Extinct! . I haven’t played it yet but it looks awesome and is based off of the rules of Go Fish! It was recently featured on the PLOS paleo blog, so check that out for more details.

2015 Holiday Go Extinct 1 2015 Holiday Go Extinct 2



I recently heard a group of middle school girls enthusiastically teach me everything they know about Gold Ferrofluid at the California STEM conference. They were so excited to explain the science to me, and I was so excited that they were so excited to explain the science that I included it on this list.


2015 Holiday Gold Ferrofluid



Give the gift of assembling tiny skeleton models of dinosaurs (“tinysaurs”) or humanoids (including anatomically correct mermaids and angels!). Put it in one of these displays, or buy the “all in one” kit.

2015 Holiday humanoid2015 Holiday tinysaur



Give something from—I recommend this cute sun flower to stick in a garden, or this tea jar. Both are good for nice outdoor get-togethers.


2015 Holiday Solar Sunflower2015 Holiday Solar Tea



What is a group of kangaroos? A mob. What about a group of baboons? A congress. And, what’s a Christmas without getting a mug or two? Get this collective animal nouns mug from NewtonAndTheApple’s etsy shop. But check out the rest of their stuff: these science-themed notebooks or this card, this card or this card about holiday feasting.


2015 Holiday mug2015 Holiday notebooks



There is a lot of cool nature jewelry that exists, so for now, add UralNature to the list from last year. She uses real flowers to make necklaces, rings and earrings. Real purty.

2015 Holiday necklace22015 Holiday necklace1



I know that was a disappointingly short list, so please add your suggestions to the comments below!

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