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To do list: return emails, read literature, become more creative…

Has our obsession with the left-brain killed creativity in science?

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Know Thyself

Want to get to know your own skills, interests, and values? Trying taking this self-assessment that not only gives you some insight into your own abilities, but also suggests career paths in science that you may not be aware of yet.

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Finding a Balance: Complexity vs. Explanatory Power

  Recently, I read a paper as a part of a weekly meeting of our campus’ Behavioral Ecology and Evolution Research group. From what I understand as a newcomer to the research and literature world, this article is suggesting that ecological research is becoming more complex and, as a result, is losing its explanatory power. […]

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That “Gut” Feeling

  It is no secret that a large percentage of the American population faces a major obesity/dietary problem. Many of us (myself included) are constantly battling that sweet tooth, and losing yet another war of will to our cravings. But what if it were that those cravings are not simply a matter of willpower, but […]

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