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terHorst and Zee 2015

terHorst, C.P. and P.C. Zee 2016 Eco-evolutionary dynamics in plant-soil feedbacks. Functional Ecology 30: 1062-1072. PDF.

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A Scientist’s Defense of Reading for Pleasure

I love to read. On average, I finish about two books per month. I read mostly fiction, but I dabble in everything from classic science fiction stories, like Ubik and The Sirens of Titan, to contemporary literary fiction like Americanah and A Little Life, and¬†sometimes even popular series, such as The Hunger Games and Twilight […]

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A Scientific Mystery, Illustrated

Scientists don’t like mysteries. Or do we? If you were a naturalist, and you observed something you knew no one else would believe, would you still try to describe it? On the other hand, would you invent a fantastical discovery to bring attention to your genuine, yet unappreciated scientific works? One of these likely explains […]

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